Are all of your paintings original ?

Yes. We only sell 100% original paintings that are signed by the autor - Becarelli count Dussi. Before admitting an artwork to our gallery, the painting is put through a number of rigorous tests to ensure that it is high quality.


How long does standard shipping take ?

We ship all paintings within 48 hours of payment Monday through Friday. Once an order leaves our office, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for a package to reach its destination. Longer shipping times do occur, but in most cases you will have your new painting within 2 weeks.
Will my painting be safe during delivery ?

You can rest assured that your new painting will arrive safely. We pack all paintings in strong and durable materials such as Styrofoam inserts and bubble wrap.

What if I don’t like a painting after delivery ?

If you are unhappy with a painting for any reason, even if it just clashes with your curtains, you can return it within 10 days for a full refund. If you want to return a piece of art, you must ensure that it is in the same physical condition as it was when it was delivered. If you have more questions about our refund policy or would like to set up a return, please contact customer care at


Do you frame the paintings ?

Frame preferences vary so drastically among different customers that we usually ship paintings unframed. If you want a frame, however, please send us an email at

We would be happy to discuss framing options with you.


Our number one goal is protecting your privacy. We will never rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone else.  That includes your name, your email address, your payment information, or any other personal details.

Art Gallery Becarelli guarantee the authentity of all goods as advertised on our web site and confirmation emails. Our offers are not binding and subject to confirmation by email.
Prices are shown in Euros. Our prices do not include delivery!

Additional charge depends on the address for delivery.

After an inquiry to us we will check and let you know the exact cost of delivery to your door or to your address included with package.

Payment and Delivery :

In the presence of a deal the customer must pay the amount within 7 days.

Payments can be made through PAYPAL ( ) or bank transfer. Orders validated by the customer are considered effective only after clearance of the payment through the PAYPAL system. Rejection of any payment by the PAYPAL system will cause the automatic cancellation of the order and the customer will be notified accordingly by email. Payment of the Price and delivery charges must be made in full before dispatch of the work. Delivery is performed by post, EMS or DHL express and is only within the European Union. Your original prints will be delivered within a period of 30 days from receipt or clearance of payment and we will send you a tracking number that can be used to monitor traffic (online your order to your door.
We shall use its reasonable endeavours to meet any date agreed for delivery. The Gallery shall not be responsible for delays in delivery and performance that are due to events of force majeure or events beyond its reasonable control or that of its subcontractors (including, in particular, strikes, lock-outs, governmental orders, shortage in energy or transportation, etc.) and the Seller shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of its obligatio

Claim :

The Buyer shall inspect the shipments immediately upon receipt and shall notify the Seller by email . Claims for defective goods must, to be valid, be filed immediately upon examination of the goods at the time of delivery and at the latest within forty-eight (48) hours from the delivery, failing which the customer shall be foreclosed.No claim will be accepted after two days from the date that the package has been delivered to you.

Faulty or Damaged graphic sheets :

It is important to note what will and will not be accepted as a defect for the purposes of a claim. Please note the following conditions.
The following defects will be accepted in a claim
- Non-painted marks, other than minor blemishes, on the front side of the paper (the side on which the artwork appears).
- Any form of tearing of the paper other than the natural deckled ed

The following defects will not be accepted in a claim :

Most of the graphicsare produced on handmade deckle edged paper. Please note that specifications of handmade paper are not guaranteed and some variation in weight, size and shape is normal. Marks on the back side of the paper and small creases in the paper often occur during the painting process. Any such marks and creases will not be considered acceptable reasons for a claim. Every work is checked for possible defects and takes pictures with high-resolution image before packing, which guarantee correctness as the sent work and we emphasize that no faulty products are dispatched. If it is likely that the defects have been caused during transit (as evidenced by open or damaged packaging at the time of delivery) please report the problem immediately to your local DHL or post office and also inform us at the same time !

We would like to keep you informed and will send a free monthly newsletter to all customers.

All data submitted and information by customers are confidentials !

Becarelli Art Gallery reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions when it is deemed necessary. Amendments shall in any event be deemed to have been accepted within fifteen (15) days from their notification to the customer, unless the Customer opposes the same, in which case Gallerys shall have the right to terminate any sales in progress or other contractual relations with the customer.

Copyright :

Please note that written content, the images, photographs, graphics and designs used on the website are the property of Becarelli Art Gallery or their respective copyright owners. All elements are protected by trade dress, copyright, moral rights, trademark and other laws relating to intellectual property rights.
We retain the right to publish photographs of graphics after they have been sold.
Copyright - 2011 , Becarelli Art Gallery.

All rights reserved !

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact with Becarelli Art Gallery either by e-mail:



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